Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Family Visit

So much weirdness and mess lately, let's talk about something good. My parents and little sister came to visit us the second week of June and we had such a great time! They were here from June 6th - 10th and, since Matt smokes in the house and my parents and sister all have asthma, they stayed in a local hotel. Which really worked out because it was hot in my house because my AC was still out for the first few days they were here. So, that was nice because we got to spend a lot of time hanging out in their hotel room with the air conditioner.

We mostly spent the week chillin... ha, yeah, I didn't set out to make an air conditioner pun when I typed that, but it happened. *shrug* We enjoyed the days together, went to Center Street Market, went out to Logan Canyon and had a picnic. Overall, it was just so much fun to see them twice in one year (we went to see them earlier this year). Matt, Candi, and I went swimming in the hotel pool, which was fun and a nice reprieve from the heat we'd been having in our dang house.

The last day before they left mom, Candi, and I went antiquing at a local antique store where she got this amazing bowl for their coffee table. Then, my folks slept a bit while me and Candi went around to see a few of the local sites, like the visitors center in the old court house, the Pepperidge Farm factory shop, and the pajamas outlet (nothing in my size, boooo!!!), and we ended up in Idaho. I mean, it's only like a half an hour north of us, but yeah, we spent a little time cruising around just over the Utah/Idaho boarder, got a little bit lost, and had some fresh french fries in Idaho. They were so good and we're planning to take a trip to Boise together in the spring after I visit them in Arizona. 

It was a great week and I was sad, as always, to see them go. But, I'll see them again in the spring and we regularly Facetime. It was a super chill week that I think we all needed. I certainly did!