Friday, June 3, 2022

My AC is dead

I think I mentioned before that I have a hate-hate relationship with home ownership. One one hand, I'm glad not to be out there right now looking for a place in this housing/rental market. On the other, I hate the amount of upkeep and maintenance that comes with homeownership. This week, that angry feeling about how much of a pain in the ass it is kicked up a notch because my AC has been dead for a week and my house is 80 degrees. It's ridiculous, but it turns out it's not something as simple as the blower motor or a clogged up air filter (the unit is under the house, in the crawl space and isn't where we can get to it, so the filter isn't changed as much as it should be). 

Last Friday (a week ago) I put in a request to have it fixed with our home warranty. They assigned it to a local contractor who, as it turns out, was off all weekend for the Memorial day holiday and refused to come out to look at it until "I don't know, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday." So, our house was hot all weekend, but it was pretty nice outside so that helped a little bit. What didn't help is that for almost a month our house has been extremely humid, so humid the carpet feels damp and everything has a slippery sheen of moisture, which made the heat inside much worse. 

I called them on Wednesday and they told me it would probably be Thursday before they could come. On Thursday, I called them again and they finally agreed to come out. To say I'm upset about them blowing me off for almost a week would be an understatement and when this is over, I'll be filing a complaint with my home warranty.

When they did finally show up, the guy went into the crawl space and was back inside in less than 5 minutes. He asked if I'd noticed the house was humid. Um, yeah. So, it turns out there's been a pipe spraying water all over the place under my house for a while. That water sprayed all over the furnace, which is where the blower motor for the AC is located. The filter is soaking wet and the unit is dead. So this was actually an emergency and not just a simple issue.

The tech was able to fix the pipe, which had a crack in a metal coupling/elbow/thingy. But, he hasn't been able to look at the furnace/blower motor yet because it was soaking wet yesterday. The good news here is that the humidity in my house has greatly improved, so that's a silver lining. And, he's coming back today, but he tells me he doesn't know if it can be fixed. Rather, we might need a new furnace. That means that we might be hot for a few more weeks while this gets worked out and we might have to pay for a new furnace. Fingers crossed that our home warranty will pay for it if it needs to be replaced.