Saturday, August 20, 2022

Manifest & You Shall Receive

I wrote a while ago about what I'm trying to harvest: inner peace, education, and a career transition. You would not believe how powerful it is to put your ideas out into the universe and manifest what you truly want. I've never been good at that, you see. But, I'm starting to see how valuable it is and how valuable I can be, if I believe in myself and share my intentions with the universe. I cannot believe it's taken me 44 years to start believing in myself. 

I've been taking a certification program to learn to be an instructional designer. This last week, I started a new job as an instructional designer at a local tech college (I'll also still be teaching English as an adjunct at a community college). I've rarely been so excited for a job and, so far, this one seems like it'll be a great challenge and stretch me. I've already learned so much, in just one week, I know I'm going to love this job. My supervisors are both experienced instructional designers with some much to teach and share. 

This means that I've managed to manifest two of the three things I said I was striving toward. Now if I could only get that inner peace thing down, I'd be set.

Monday, August 1, 2022

What Am I Harvesting?

It's August and I'm counting the weeks until fall (just about 7 1/2 to go)!! In many pagan religions August 1st is the celebration of Lammas (Lughnasadh), a holiday celebrating the beginning of harvest. I think this is lovely because one of the central themes of Lammas is a reminder to focus on what we're harvesting in our lives, both now and in the future. With that in mind, I found some fun journal prompts to celebrate the coming of fall and I thought I'd do them here over the next few weeks. 

Prompt #1: What are you harvesting in your life now and in the near future?

Honestly... inner peace of some kind. I know that sounds a little bit like a cop out, but it's so much the truth. And honestly, who isn't looking for inner peace these days? I would love to feel still and quite on the inside. That would be a dream and I'm working hard to harvest that feeling.

But, I suppose a less existential answer to the question would be a career transition to a new aspect of the academic field. Earlier this year, I began taking a master's level eLearning Instructional Design certification program through UC Irvine - Division of Continuing Education. The program has been so interesting and fulfilling, I'm learning so much and by mid-year next year I should be done with the program. I love being in college, so this has been a fun and educational way to recapture that feeling while taking meaningful steps toward in a new direction. The goal is to transition from teaching to full-time instructional design, or rather to become an instructional designer while teaching part-time (adjunct) because I love to teach.

So, at this moment and into the near future, I'm harvesting education and success, for myself and others. I'm filling my heart and mind with intention, and I'm taking the necessary steps to manifest this change in my life. I'm thrilled for a new adventure in a field I'm passionate about! 

A fall path in Logan Canyon, my favorite place to spend a fall afternoon!!