Saturday, August 20, 2022

Manifest & You Shall Receive

I wrote a while ago about what I'm trying to harvest: inner peace, education, and a career transition. You would not believe how powerful it is to put your ideas out into the universe and manifest what you truly want. I've never been good at that, you see. But, I'm starting to see how valuable it is and how valuable I can be, if I believe in myself and share my intentions with the universe. I cannot believe it's taken me 44 years to start believing in myself. 

I've been taking a certification program to learn to be an instructional designer. This last week, I started a new job as an instructional designer at a local tech college (I'll also still be teaching English as an adjunct at a community college). I've rarely been so excited for a job and, so far, this one seems like it'll be a great challenge and stretch me. I've already learned so much, in just one week, I know I'm going to love this job. My supervisors are both experienced instructional designers with some much to teach and share. 

This means that I've managed to manifest two of the three things I said I was striving toward. Now if I could only get that inner peace thing down, I'd be set.