Tuesday, January 10, 2023

I'm a Queen

Have you ever felt like you were the most awkward person to ever grace the face of Earth? Like, through time, no one could be more awkward than you? Yes? Welcome to my tribe. I feel like the single most awkward human ever. I started a new job late this summer and there is not one day that passes when I don't feel like someone I looking at me like I'm a complete weirdo. You know what I've discovered from this experience? It is completely okay to be a total weirdo. 

Whether I'm as awkward as I feel or not, I'm fine the way I am. Do I say things occasionally that come out completely wrong? Sure! Do I sometimes have no idea what to say and stammer all over myself? Definitely! But, like, that's completely okay. Be a weirdo if that's who you are. People will see you and like you, even if you have a serious inferiority complex to accompany your awkwardness, people will like you if you're authentic. And, if they don't, they will at least respect that you are capable of being who you are.

My affirmation, then, is this... I suspect I will never be past the feeling of complete awkwardness. I'm sure that every time I interact with someone and leave that interaction feeling smaller, I'll be totally fine. Not everyone will understand me and maybe I'm not for everyone, but I'm fine the way I am. Everyone is not looking at me and judging me. Not everyone is talking about me when I'm not around and not every issue is about me. I'm completely, totally awkward and I'm a queen! And, guess what, so are you!!