Remembering Tomorrow:

All chronic-dependent Kate wants is to be taken care of.  Having gone to college to meet a nice guy, Kate has everything she ever wanted... that is until nice guy, Grayson, walks away.  Left with nothing, not even a bed to sleep in, Kate seeks to find a way to pull herself up and move on, or at least to make the next rent payment.

Struggling to understand just what went wrong, and why the same system that's worked for thousands of women couldn't work for her, Kate begins to realize that no one is there to catch her.  Completely alone with no friends and no money, Kate's journey to pick up the pieces takes her down the long, bumpy road to self-discovery.  With a blog she creates for guidance and motivation, Kate strikes out to become someone who lives for herself.  Meeting, along the way, someone who just might make her want to live for more.


Love's Daughter:

For Analii Strahm, nothing's more difficult than living up to her mother's reputation.  As if it weren't hard enough for an attractive, educated woman to find love, when you're the daughter of the goddess of love, people expect love to fall into your lap -- they also expect you to help love fall into theirs.  Sadly, for Analii,  not only does she not automatically attract love, she nearly repels it.  Every time she's been in love, or something close to it, everything falls apart.  For Analii, Love is a disaster!

Enter Rhomen.  A suave, too good to be true, doctor, Analii rejects him from the first.  Sadly, the universe, or her mother, is not on her side because she can't seem to escape running into Rhomen, who seems to think her rejection is simply a game of hard to get.

Enter Damian. At work, she's a goddess in her own right, running CALLIOPE, a successful literary journal, with grace and lavishing in her success, she begins to receive submissions for serialized fiction that absolutely blow her mind.  She falls in love with the written words, eagerly awaiting the next installment, but when the accounting department reports that the author, Damien Grayson, isn't cashing his stipend checks, Analii sets about trying to figure out why, which turns into much more of a project than she had originally anticipated.

Enter Alexander.  A lawyer with beautiful eyes, Analii fall for him from the first, but when things get too serious, too fast, she must question her feeling not only for Alexander, but also for the omni-present Rhomen.  All while balancing an increasingly precarious situation with mysterious writer Damien Grayson.

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